the Advantages of Having a Wedding Videographer vs. Only Photography

As a professional wedding photographer and videographer in Cheshire, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact that having both photography and videography services can have on a couple’s wedding day.

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I have personally witnessed the amazing impact that having both photography and videography services can have on a couple’s wedding day as a Cheshire wedding photographer and videographer. Still photographs can only record one moment in time, despite their undeniable beauty. Contrarily, a wedding film has the extra advantage of documenting all the noises, feelings, and motion from your special day.

Here are some of the key advantages of having a wedding videographer, as seen through the eyes of a professional in the industry.

  1. Audio: A wedding videographer will capture all the important audio moments, such as your vows, speeches, and first dance. 
  2. Movement: A videographer can capture the movement and flow of the day, including your walk down the aisle, first dance, and other key moments.
  3. Emotion: A videographer can capture all the emotions of your wedding day, from tears of joy to laughter and everything in between.
  4. Storytelling: A wedding video is the perfect way to tell the story of your special day, from start to finish


An investment that can pay off for years to come is hiring a professional wedding videographer in addition to a photographer. Hire a wedding videographer in Cheshire right away to ensure you don't lose out on the chance to relive your wedding moments for years to come! In our studio, we work hard to document all the feelings, sounds, and action of your special day in order to produce an exquisite wedding movie that you will cherish always. To find out more about our wedding videography services, get in touch with us today.